Model Analyses and Guidance User's Guide

Forecast Soundings


The Forecast Soundings Page displays the available model types and stations. At this time, forecast soundings are available for only the NAMER area. The currently-selected model is shown in red. To selected a different model, click on the model name.

There are two options for viewing and selecting stations, a map view and a table view. The picture below shows the default map view, where the map locations are shown as red dots on a map. Hover the mouse pointer over a red dot to get summary information about the station:

Forecast Soundings Stations Map

To switch to the station table view, click the tab labeled "Stations Table". The picture below shows the station table view. To change to map view, click on the tab "Stations Map".

Forecast Soundings Stations Table

To view the Forecast Soundings product page, click on a station dot on the map, or a station ID link in the table.