Model Analyses and Guidance User's Guide

Observations and Analyses: Upper Air (UAIR)


When the user selects UAIR, the regions corresponding to Upper Air is highlighted in blue and the other regions are greyed out, as shown in the next figure.

Observations and Analysis Upper Air Selection

To view the Upper Air Parameters, select a region of choice. Note: The user can also choose a region first, and the corresponding Obs/Analysis Type is highlighted in blue. The other types are “grayed out”.

UAIR parameter page

The next figure shows how the Upper Air parameter page looks when the user selects North America (NAMER) as the region of interest. The page presents all the available model cycles in one row. The next row presents the available mandatory levels in millibars.

Observations and Analysis Upper Air Parameters

The user is presented with the graphic similar to what is shown below.

Observations and Analysis Upper Air Image

The user can zoom in or out on the image:

The static URL to display the image is provided just below the title of the page. The link may be used to bookmark the chosen product and cycle.