Skew-T Obervations and Analysis

This section describes the usage of the MAG application to view Skew-t plots. Select the Observations/Analyses Type “SKEWT” from the Observations and Analyses page.

The geographic regions containing SKEWT plots are highlighted in blue. Regions not containing SKEWT plots are in gray. Select the desired region.

Figure 6-6 shows the Skew-t page for region North America (NAMER). The page presents the available cycles, defaulting to the latest cycle, displayed in the right most cell and highlighted in red.

Select the desired cycle, and the user is presented with the Skewt-T plot as shown below.

The user can click on the red dots, which represent various stations, to view the graphic. The user is presented with skew-t graphics as shown below.

The display of Skew-T graphics available can be listed in a table rather than on a map. When the user chooses a desired cycle, click on the hypertext link “Display Table of Stations” to get a list of stations (as shown in Figure 6-9) instead of the regional map with red dots representing the various stations. The user can click on the station code to view the skew-T graphic.