MAG Version Updates

MAG 3.15.4 - November 13, 2018



The RTMA-GUAM model type has been removed. GUAM is now included as a RTMA model area and is available for 24 cycles/day.

Large and Small Images Will Be Removed in next release

The large and small sized images will be discontinued with v3.17, which will be released at the same time as v3.16.  These are have been available for only selected models and areas, but will no longer be produced. The filenames for these images end in “_l.gif” and “_s.gif” for large and small images, respectively.


Upcoming Changes for MAG 3.16 & 3.17 - December 2018

MAG 3.16

New Models and Products:

Product Improvements:


Update Model and Product Names:

Highlights of User Experience Improvements:


The MAG team would like to thank Tom Whittaker, who wrote the HAniS package that we use for animating images, (  We wanted to expand our use of the package, and he provided suggestions and hints, helped with trouble-shooting, and even added a new parameter to the package to enable us to incorporate HAniS into an existing webpage.  His responsiveness and ability to zero in on problems is amazing and greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tom!

More Front-End Improvements:

MAG 3.17

New Models and Products:



00z/12z cycles: All models in the 4-panel display are run for these cycles. If a panel is missing, it implies that the model image is not yet available for this cycle.

06z/18z cycles: Only NAM-HIRES is run for these cycles. The other models will be used the 6h run previously from the 00z and 12Z. There will be no image after F42 to match NAM-HIRES.

The SREF runs for cycles 03z, 09z, 15z, and 21z, whereas GFS, NAM, and GEFS-MEAN-SPRD are run for cycles for 00z, 06z, 12z, and 18z. Therefore, the SREF will use the cycle that is 3 hours earlier than the other models.

Products Removed:

Remove small and large images from all models. Use medium images only.

Product Improvements:

Update Product Names:


Model Guidance Page Changes: