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MAG Version Updates

MAG 3.18.6 - March 2021

Product Improvements:

  • With the GFS v16-Waves model upgrade, the regional grids and 30 min Global grids currently used in MAG will be replaced with 16 km Global native grid. 16 km and 9 km native grids for the southern and Arctic oceans will also be used in the appropriate domains.

MAG 3.18.5 - October 2020

Product Improvements:

  • Extend RAP forecast hours from F39 to F51 for 03/09/15/21Z cycles.
  • Extend HRRR forecast hours from F36 to F48 for 00/06/12/18Z cycles.

MAG 3.18.4 - October 2020

Product Improvements:

  • In conjunction with the G-ESTOFS model upgrade, MAG will utilize the unified gempak files for CONUS, Hawaii, and Alaska to create images for all valid domains.
  • With the G-ESTOFS model upgrade, the coordinate of native grid is changed to cut the interpolation at the 180th meridian. This will limit the data presentation east of 180 for Alaska domain for all the estofs images.

MAG 3.18.3 - September 2020

Product Improvements:

  • Extend NBM forecast hours from Fhr226 to Fhr264 for precip_p06 and precip_ptot for the conus and namer domain in conjunction with NBM v4.0 upgrade.

MAG 3.18.2 - September 2020

Product Improvements:

  • Include the 30 ensemble members for GEFS-SPAG in conjunction with the GEFS v12 upgrade.
  • GEFS-MEAN-SPRD products will reflect the GEFS v12 upgrade.
  • GEFS storm-tracks for Alaska domain will include the 30 ensemble members and the control run in conjunction with GEFS v12 upgrade.
  • GEFS probability storm tracks for Alaska domain are updated in conjunction with increased number of ensemble members with GEFS v12 upgrade.

MAG 3.18 - February 2020

New Models, Products, and Areas:

  • Consolidated the Wave Watch III Model (WW3), the Wave Watch III Regional Eastern North Pacific Model (WW3-ENP), and the Wave Watch III Regional Western North Atlantic Model (WW3-WNA) into WW3.
  • Added the following domains to Storm Tracks GFS:
    • Continental United States (CONUS)
    • Atlantic
    • Asia
    • Northern Pacific (NORTH-PAC)
    • Europe
  • Added the CONUS domain to:
    • Storm Tracks NAM
    • Storm Tracks GFS-NAM
  • Added Probabilistic Storm Tracks for:
    • GEFS for the ALASKA area
    • SREF for the ALASKA area
  • Reinstated Simulated Composite Radar Reflectivity (sim_radar_comp) for the following models:
    • FIREWX
    • HRRR
    • RAP
    • HRW-NMMB
    • HRW-ARW
    • HRW-ARW2
  • Removed mean sea level pressure and thickness contours from simulated radar products for the following models:
    • HRRR
    • FIREWX
    • HRW-NMMB
    • HRW-ARW
    • HRW-ARW2
  • Removed dashed lines from GFS and NAM 500_vort_ht, and use color fills to plot vorticity between 12-16*10-5/sec.

Other updates and additions:

  • Fixed pinch zoom for images so that the zoom centre spot is at the midpoint of the two fingers.
  • When using time range selection, auto-fill the first and last forecast hours with default time steps in the data.
  • Add a message in Storm-Tracks for when the user selects a model not valid for that cycle: "<Model> is not available for <cycle>UTC cycle, Choose a cycle from the list above."
  • Fixed a bug with sub-hourly products Time Range Selection, where clicking on the current starting or ending forecast hour link did not properly set a new starting or ending forecast hour.

MAG 3.19 Proposed Updates:

  • Remove below ground data.
  • Add GEFS ensemble storm tracks and probabilistic tracks for more domains.
  • Add accumulated max updraft helicity to HRRR model.
  • Continue improving user experiences.
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