MAG Version Updates


MAG 3.12 - November 2016


Custom Looping Option has been added to the Model Guidance parameter page

The Model Guidance parameter selection page has been updated to allow the user to create custom loops.  The default mode is called ‘Single Time Selection’, which is the current behavior.  If the user selects ‘Time Range Selection’, the forecast hour table changes to time selection mode.  The user can choose a beginning and ending forecast hour from the table, then the hours are inserted in the title of the “Time Range Loop” button and all hours to be looped will turn red. When the Time Range Loop button is clicked, the chosen hours will be looped. For more help, click on the “?” link next to TIME SELECTION.


A new model, ESTOFS (Extratropical Surge and Tide Operational Forecast System), has been added with forecasts hourly out to 180 hours.


  • WGOA : west Gulf of Alaska
  • EGOA : east Gulf of Alaska
  • WAOR : Washington and Oregon
  • NCAL : northern California
  • SCAL : southern California
  • HAWAII : Hawaii


  • storm_surge
  • total_water_level


More precipitation products have been added:

  • NAM-HIRES hourly precip generated hourly precipitation, instead of three hourly.
  • Hourly precip (precip_p01) has been added to GFS.
  • Three hourly precip (precip_p03) has been added to SREF.


Hurricane products have been improved:

  • Added precip_p06 and removed 850_temp_precip.
  • Decluttered vorticity plots and removed labels.
  • Decluttered streamlines by thinning the grids.
  • Color fill surface temperature in every one degree celsius when temperature is greater than or equal to 24C.


Model/Area selection display has been improved:


  • After a model or an area has been selected,  the color of the valid selections will be blue (instead of red), and the invalid selections will be gray.  The color of the selected area or model will turn red.
  • When returning to the Model Guidance page from the parameter selection page, the previously made selections will be remembered.  A similar behavior occurs to the Tropical Guidance page.

Temperature color fill has been improved for cool/cold seasons in GFS, NAM, RAP, HRRR, HRW-ARW, and HRW-NMMB models for the following products:

  • 925_temp_ht
  • 850_temp_ht
  • 10m_wnd_2m_temp


PMSL has been replaced with EMSL for GFS and NAM in the following products.  The product documentation page and the title were updated to specify which parameter is plotted:

  • 10m_wind_2m_temp
  • 10m_wnd_precip


Mean sea level pressure has been updated to MMSL for HRRR in the following products:

  • precip_p01
  • 1000_500_thick
  • 1000_850_thick
  • 850_700_thick
  • 10m_wnd


Other Changes:

  • NAM has been updated from 44 km to 32km.
  • 10m_wnd_2m_temp has been added to NAM.
  • NAM-HIRES products are generated every hour except for precip_p03, _p06, _p12, _p24, _p36, _p48 and _p60, which will be generated every 3 hrs.
  • RAP area NAMER has been renamed to CONUS.
  • Extended HRRR forecast hours to F18 and RAP to F21.
  • Contour intervals for 850_temp_ht product have been changed from 5C to 3C for GFS, NAM, NAM-HIRES, RAP, HRRR, HRW-ARW and HRW-NMMB.
  • Added 250_wnd to HRRR.
  • Removed zero vertical motion in 700_rh_ht and contoured vertical motions in 4 microbar/sec for NAM and GFS.  Ascent contours are plotted in maroon solid lines and descent in blue solid lines.
  • Changed 700mb HGHT contour intervals to 3 dam in GFS and NAM.
  • Replaced Mercator projections to Cylindrical Equidistant for the North Pacific area (NPAC) in GFS and NAM.
  • Replaced Gnomonic projections with Polar Stereographic for NAMER in the following models: GEFS-MNSPRD, GEFS-SPAG, NAEFS, GFS, NAM, and SREF.

MAG 3.13 - February 2016


Proposed updates (subject to change):

  • Implement ESTOFS product over Atlantic
  • Add boundary-layer and 850mb/700mb temps onto the precip type product
  • Unify simulated radar naming convention
  • Further improve product visualization-- declutter labeling, unify H/L symbols color
  • Improve title strings and placement
  • Replace PMSL with EMSL in all products

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