North America - US, Canada, and northern Mexico
Available Model Cycles
(default is latest cycle)
10/22/2016 21UTC 10/23/2016 03UTC 10/23/2016 09UTC 10/23/2016 15UTC
PRECIP MEANSPRD precip_p06 precip_p12 precip_p24 prob_precip_25
SFC-LAYER MEANSPRD 1000_500_thick 1000_850_thick 10m_wind 2m_temp 850_700_thick cape
cin lifted_index mslp prob_10m_wind prob_2m_temp prob_cape
UPPER AIR MEANSPRD 250_vort_ht 250_wnd 500_vort_ht 700_rh 700_temp 850_rh
850_temp 850_wnd
000         Loop All
003006009012015018021024 1 Day
027030033036039042045048 2 Day
051054057060063066069072 3 Day
075078081084087    4 Day
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