Model Analyses and Guidance User's Guide

Tropical Guidance Parameter Page


The Tropical Guidance Parameter Page displays with the following:

Tropical Guidance Parameters Page

Once a parameter is selected, then the available forecast hours are displayed. The following figure shows that the parameter mslp_10wnd has been selected, and that there are forecast hours available from 000 to 126, plus looping links "Loop All", "1 Day", ... "6 Day".

Tropical Guidance Parameters with Forecast Hours

The table of forecast hours, and the pre-defined loops are shown as clickable links, or plain black text. Plain text indicates the expected image has not yet been generated. If expected images are not yet available, the parameter page will continue to check for them once a minute. Once all expected images are found, then the parameter page will stop auto-refreshing.

From the Tropical Guidance Parameter Page, the user may click on forecast hour links to display one image at a time, or one of the pre-defined loop links to display an animation of the images. These two pages have the same features that are described under the Model Guidance Parameter Page section.