Model Analyses and Guidance User's Guide

Forecast Soundings Parameters


The Forecast Soundings Parameters Page displays available cycles and forecast hours to choose from to view forecast soundings images and loops. At this time there is only one product, fcst_snd.

The image below shows the default Forecast Soundings Parameters page. The latest cycle is active, and the Time Select option is set to "Single Time Selection". To choose a different cycle, click on the cycle name. Note that the forecast hours are shown as blue, clickable links, or plain black text. Plain text indicates the expected image has not yet been generated. If expected images are not yet available, the parameter page will continue to check for them once a minute. Once all expected images are found, then the parameter page will stop auto-refreshing.

Forecast Soundings Parameters Page

While in Single Time Selection mode, clicking on a forecast hour will display the image for that hour. Clicking on the "Loop All" and "# Day" links displays the images in looping format.

To change the Time Select mode, click on "Time Range Selection". In this mode, custom loops may be chosen by selecting starting and ending forecast hours, and by setting an optional skip number (number of images to skip). Select the start and end forecast hours by clicking on the numbered links. Set the skip number using the dropdown list, Skip. The "Clear" button clears all selected forecast hours and skip number. Start the custom loop by clicking the "Time Range Loop ()" button.

The following image shows that the previous cycle has been chosen. The Time Select mode has been changed to Time Range Selection. A custom loop has been selected that starts at forecast hour 003 and ends at forecast hour 066. A skip factor of 2 has been chosen, which skips 2 forecast hours between each hour that is included in the loop. To start this custom loop, click the 'Time Range Loop (F003 - F066)' button. All forecast hours that are shown as underlined, red links will be displayed in the loop.

Forecast Soundings Parameters Page