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Requested file does not exist: gfs/18/gfs_namer_099_850_temp_mslp_precip.gif

850MB Temperature, Pressure & Precip Image (850_temp_mslp_precip):
This product contains three fields:

  1. Temperature in Celsius at 850 mb in 10 degree increments. Temperatures 0 and below are expressed as blue contours. Temperatures above 0 are displayed in red.

    Note : This field is down-scaled from its original 1/4 degree resolution to half degree resolution to remove noise.

  2. Mean Sea Level Pressure expressed in millibars. Increments are 4 mb apart. These appear as solid black lines.
  3. Accumulated precipitation in inches over the forecast interval expressed as color fill. A reference bar of values for each color is located on the left side of the image.

MAG v3.8.0