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Requested file does not exist: gfs/00/gfs_namer_216_1000_500_thick.gif

1000-500MB Thickness Image (1000_500_thick):
This product contains three fields:

  1. The thickness of the 1000 mb to 500 mb layer expressed in decameters (dm). Increments are 6 dm apart. For thicknesses of 546 dm and greater, these contours will be red dashed lines. For values below 546 dm the dashed lines will be in blue. The 546 dm line provides a very rough indication of possible frozen precipitation depending on surface temperature and other conditions.
  2. Accumulated precipitation in inches for the 6 hours preceding the forecast hour (for forecast hours 003-177) or 12 hours preceding the forecast hour (for forecast hours 180-384), expressed as color fill. A reference bar of values for each color is located on the left side of the image.
  3. Mean Sea Level Pressure expressed in millibars. Increments are 4 mb apart. These appear as solid black lines.

MAG v3.8.0